What is your course outline?

In keeping with our vision, EduVision hire only the highest calibre teachers in their field. Our courses are carefully designed to support students through various levels of their schooling.  We also help prepare students across a variety of exams including OC, Selective, Scholarship, G&T Classes and Maths Competitions.


Where are you located?

We are located a short walk from Epping Station at:

Suite 402, 16-18 Cambridge Street, Epping NSW 2121 


How do your online classes work?

We use Zoom for our online classroom featuring interactive chat, screen share and discussions. We also have a Google Classroom for uploading lesson booklets, homework and the submission of writing homework. Detailed feedback is provided via Google Classroom.


Can you support my child in their Scholarship application?

Yes, we have experience supporting our students in scholarship applications. This year, our students have received over 49 interview offers.


What are your class sizes?

Our online classes are around 12 students.

Our face-to-face classes are around 15 students.


How do I enrol?
Our website has been designed to allow parents to enrol (or cancel) classes themselves.  


How do I pay for my child’s classes?

Please make direct deposit into below bank account. Please use your STUDENT ID and CLASS ID as the Reference:

Account name: EduVision Pty Ltd
BSB: 032282
Account number: 412607

Do you offer a Trial Lesson?

Due to demand we are unable to offer trial lessons. 


Do you offer refunds?

If you are unhappy with our classes, you be given the full refund for any remaining unattended lessons. A $50 admin fee will be charged.


Do you hold assessments?

Yes, each term in Week 9 we hold assessments for all primary students excluding debating and public speaking. Students and parents will receive results during Week 10.  Individual parent teacher interviews (6 mins per parent) can be arranged should you have further concerns.


How much homework can my child expect?

For each 2 hour lesson your child is expected to do around 1 hour of homework for the week.   The homework for 3.5 hour lessons is around 2 hours per week.

How do I know if my child has been enroled successfully?

Log in, then go to My Child page, you will see all enroled classes.

How can I disenrol my child from a class?
Log in, go to My Child page, select the class, then click the Disenrol button. You can only disenrol by youself before class start.