Where are you located?

We have located a short walk from Epping Station at:
Level 4, 16-18 Cambridge Street, Epping NSW 2121 

How to access the class material?

For face to face lesson students, lesson materials will be handed out in the class. For online students, please follow the EduVision Student Portal Manual in the link below to print lesson materials. 

EduVision Student Portal Manual

How to take the trial tests?

To do the tests, please log into your account on our website and click “Take me to Exam Portal”. Online Trial Tests will six days before the review class. Students can attempt the tests between these times at their convenience. Test reports will be available in the Exam Portal. "Retry & Review" are available for Maths and Thinking Skills tests for 10 days after the test papers are available in your Exam Portal.  

You can find the Zoom link by logging into your account and clicking the class enrolled under your child’s profile. 

Where can I find a course outline?

In the Courses tab, click on the blue ‘View details’ button to obtain the outline of the course. If a course outline is not available, then the course is a general skills course e.g. ‘Year 5 Maths’ or ‘Year 6 Thinking Skills’. 

How do your online classes work?

We use Zoom for our online classes. Teachers share their lesson using screenshare. Students can ask questions by raising their hands or using the chat function. Quick discussions or pop quiz-style questions are conducted using the chat function. The chat function is controlled so that students can only chat with the teacher (host).  

We also have a Google Classroom where students can access their lesson booklets and homework. If students have to submit work e.g. for writing, they upload their assignment there. 

Do all courses include an assessment? 

There are assessments only for 10-week courses held during the term. For most primary courses except for debating and public speaking, an assessment is held in week 9 or 10. For secondary courses, the number and timing of assessments will vary depending on the content.

By week 10, students and parents will receive the results of the assessment. If you wish to talk to the teacher, a short interview can be arranged.

How much homework can my child expect?

The amount of homework depends on the age of the student and the length of the class. In general, for each 2-hour lesson, your child is expected to do about 1 hour of homework for the week and the homework for a 3.5-hour lesson is about 2 hours per week.

For full-day holiday courses, no homework is expected. 

Do you offer a trial lesson?

Due to demand we are unable to offer trial lessons. However, we do offer a refund if the course does not meet your expectations. 

How do I enrol my child in a course?
You must first register yourself and your child. To do this, click on the Register tab on the menu. 

To enrol in a course, ensure you are logged in first. Then go to the Courses tab and click on ‘View details’. When you get to the details page and confirm that this is the course you want, click on the ‘Enrol’ button.

Why do I need to register? 

Registration enables you to set up your profile and easily access all the information relating to your child’s course. We use your profile information as the emergency contact information, in case an unforeseen incident occurs. You can also enrol your child and see your invoices. If needed, you can also cancel an enrolment. If you have more than one child enrolled with us, all their information is easily available using one login.

Can I enrol my child in any class they like?
No, your child can only enrol in the courses that are created for their year level. This is to ensure that your child receives age-appropriate teaching and materials. However, there are courses that cater to a range of ability levels. If you do not find one that you think suits your child, please contact us at info@eduvision.com.au and we can provide some advice.

How do I pay for my child’s classes?

Please make direct deposit into below bank account. Please use your STUDENT ID and CLASS ID as the Reference:

Account name: EduVision Pty Ltd
BSB: 032282
Account number: 412607

How do I know if my child has been enrolled successfully?
Log in, then go to the My Child tab. If enrolment is successful, the class will be shown.

How can I disenrol my child from a class?  

You can only do this yourself if the payment has not yet processed. Log in, then go to the My Child tab. Select the class, then click the ‘Disenrol’ button. 

If the course has started, please contact us at info@eduvision.com.au. You will be given a refund for any remaining unattended lessons minus a $50 admin fee.

Can you support my child in their Scholarship application?

Yes, we have experience supporting our students in scholarship applications. In 2021, more than sixty of our students received interview offers.