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Year 6 Class of 2021, 103 Selective School offers including 36 James Rues (+10 reserve) and 34 Private School scholarship offers

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Why EduVision?


Development and enrichment, not rote learning

Our focus is on skill development and enrichment, improving on your child’s strengths and helping to remediate their weaknesses. We want to build on what your child is already learning in school. Our aim is to have children who are engaged in education and want to learn more.


High-quality teachers, high-quality materials

Our teachers have sound educational qualifications and many years of teaching or tutoring experience. To ensure we develop the skills of our teachers, we review their lessons and provide feedback. Our lessons are designed to facilitate skill development, so no two lessons are the same.


Wide range of courses, both online and face-to-face

We provide a wide range of courses for children from K to Year 12. More academically focussed courses are provided during term time while holiday courses focus more on fun and extra-curricular learning. Where possible, most of our classes are face-to-face to maximise the personal touch, particularly for younger children. However, many courses are also available online.